Infant Toddler Environment Rating Scale-Revised (ITERS-R)

Overview of the Subscales and Items

39 Items organized into 7 Subscales

Space and Furnishings

  1. Indoor space
  2. Furniture for routine care and play
  3. Provision for relaxation and comfort
  4. Room arrangement
  5. Display for children

Personal Care Routines

  1. Greeting/departing
  2. Meals/snacks
  3. Nap
  4. Diapering/toileting
  5. Health practices
  6. Safety practices

Listening and Talking

  1. Helping children understand language
  2. Helping children use language
  3. Using books


  1. Fine motor
  2. Active physical play
  3. Art
  4. Music and movement
  5. Blocks
  6. Dramatic play
  7. Sand and water play
  8. Nature/science
  9. Use of TV, video, and/or computer
  10. Promoting acceptance of diversity


  1. Supervision of play and learning
  2. Peer interaction
  3. Staff-child interaction
  4. Discipline

Program Structure

  1. Schedule
  2. Free play
  3. Group play activities
  4. Provisions for children with disabilities

Parents and Staff

  1. Provisions for parents
  2. Provisions for personal needs of staff
  3. Provisions for professional needs of staff
  4. Staff interaction and cooperation
  5. Staff continuity
  6. Supervision and evaluation of staff
  7. Opportunities for professional growth

Note: The Parent and Staff subscale is not used by Program Assessment Center staff when conducting assessments for the Early Learning Coalitions of Brevard, Palm Beach, Sarasota, and Southwest Florida.

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